Keep your head up (your *&#$)

The show was supposed to be tomorrow night but the space was compromised by the authorities. It is unfortunate we live in such a one sided society in Sydney, the housing market has reached incredible peaks and is now in decline but the damage is done. For those who think they got something out of it think again. It may have been an income stream but you never really got that much in the long run because it has ended primarily. People jumped from place to place riding the cash flow but really you had little stability because you lost the choice to settle down and now the money has stopped flowing, are you truly happy? For the people at the tail end of it is even worse, now you are stuck with a small place and a massive mortgage. It is all about keeping your head up but it gets pretty difficult once the party ends, you have to come down again.

The issue is the space was safe, it was positive and provided opportunities for artists whereas Sydney has very few artist run spaces left that are affordable though there are some. It is all happening regionally now, that is where the cutting edge artists have gone and Sydney is a wannabe yuppy wasteland.

Artists Statement

The computer itself is running Linux, a community developed
operating system free of corporate agendas. The computer
was found on the street in a council clean up discarded
potentially refused any chance of being reused. The
keyboard had slightly dislodged from the internal base
connection to the computer and I had to reconnect it. I
installed Linux and it has become something that I control.
The work itself is orchestrated through a script that
directs the computer to become a sufferer of delusions and
mania. I am the controller, the orchestrator of the
computers babbling, I even control the machines silences.
The idea of the machine is a classic case study in
schizophrenia, the sufferer sees themselves as being
controlled by a protagonist. What this piece reminds us is
there is always a protagonist and we must find our own
voice away from agendas. In some ways the computer is
designed to be controlled by the user but due to corporate
agendas we find ourselves being controlled by technology.


It was funny I kind of realised what makes graffiti so interesting, it is possibly the only medium that can express the ephemeral nature of a dance party with lasers minus the noise and ambulance service removing the fallen party goers. It has to be the most hilarious idea I have entertained but what makes it even funnier is how true it is. My work is an ephemeral mobile dance party circa 1989-90. Come and party with me!

Had a paint

Had a paint yesterday, it was very hot and we were really exposed at the wall. It was all pretty quick, I trailed off into a 90s inspired work very colourful with a motif of a face centred and looking out from the wall. There are certain things I always seem to come back to. I constantly feel that I have done something like it before though there is no evidence to suggest I have but there are so many lost works. It is a little bit spooky and it doesn’t really fit in with stuff from today but at the same time it is very familiar and is a 90s staple. My canvas work seemed to attract one particular viewer that I was surprised to see. I won’t name names but he is a favourite artist of mine, it is his graffiti that I really enjoy haven’t seen his other work. I wish he liked my graffiti but I can understand why he probably doesn’t get into it, it isn’t resolved enough. It is a little bit too sentimental too but anyway I can’t help it and I wouldn’t want to do work like his or emulate it he really has a whole different way of seeing. He sees digitally whereas I see analogue, I see noise he sees crisp effects, the more I think about it the more I start to dislike it but I really do like what he does. The funny thing though was that my canvas work was pretty much like my other work, loose and all over the place, it was pretty crisp though and less analogue more digital as I couldn’t really overwork it due to the size and I found some solutions that I liked. I probably wouldn’t want to paint like that too much but all sorts of random stuff happens it is just seeking and finding.

Public Enemy

I remember arguing with one of my mates in the late 80s who was better, Beastie  Boys or Public Enemy. We argued for a while I basically loved PE and felt they had a lot of heart, I like their art their noise and views. They were radical and had a lot of soul. Of course now I wouldn’t bother arguing because they are great groups but I never really felt Beasties like I felt PE. In 2000 I bought one of PE’s albums and once again I loved it, it was the craziest thing I heard going on about the economy and the end of everything it was nuts. I didn’t really listen to Hip Hop for years liking ambient and electronic artists but now I am all over PE again. The last ten years they have improved and become even better, they really do some great music and have a lot of opinions about current issues.

There is a lot of grass roots wisdom in PE which I feel really strongly about, I bought a couple of their new albums recently which I feel so at home with. They are a great outfit who are so expressive and artistic without losing sight of the everyday. I love a lot of my other music but it can get a little too academic but I am glad to see a group who have stayed positive and uplifting.