I am reading to try and get inspired, I think I really need a break, posted to have Christmas and New Years off that will most likely inspire me. I found Deleuze inspiring especially his work on cinema and I got into some books that compared Bergson and Deleuze but actually reading Bergson is a bit uninspiring for me, I am not getting into it. I read an essay recently about Bergson and that was good, I think I preferred the essays about mental illness and schizophrenia and “the center cannot hold” is good but harrowing though inspiring….you are spared Lauren wants the iPad.

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One must always be drunk. Everything lies in that; it is the only question worth considering. In order not to feel the horrible burden of time which breaks your shoulders and bows you down to earth, you must intoxicate yourself without truce – but with what? With wine, poetry, art? As you will; but intoxicate yourself. Baudelaire Enivrez-vous (1869)

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lack of information in psychosis

Interesting to note the degree of general information available when experiencing delusions or psychosis. Suddenly anything becomes plausible, like a rat actually being in the persons brain although this is not physically possible or able to be comprehended when general information about the world is available. Interesting fact.

Andrzej Kapusta essay

As Rümke states: „[…] experience teaches us that most psychiatrists can identify schizophrenia with great accuracy. However, when it comes to choosing the right words to describe why it was schizophrenia that was recognized, problems appear […] There is something unique for schizophrenia that cannot be verbalized. This proves the shortcomings of descriptive psychiatry.”

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