Love diversity and dissent

I really like Pussy Riots new song and I read the feedback which was 100% negative accusing them of wanting to allow Muslims into the country to behead and rape people. There was little semblance of thought, truly is every Muslim a rapist? How can this be?  Even in mainstream media there is disrespect toward Islam. We are being whipped into a frenzy, then you have Putin slowly being shown as the only guy willing to speak out at American hegemony. America has lost face since Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and soon Iran but they have some positives in allowing minorities some equal footing and allowing verbal dissent whereas Russia doesn’t. What Russia asks for is respect in the world stage then why don’t they allow some dissent from their own citizens like ‘Pussy Riot’? Seriously its one thing to ask for respect and in some ways everyone agrees America has been screwing up for years but stop being a homophobe. It seems to come down to the average Russian wanting to keep their own cultural ideals where they should be a lot more tolerant. “Pussy Riot” have been whipped in public just for doing a promotional video of their music, sure it is difficult material but can’t there be room for dissent? If Putin gets more respect then we really have lost our marbles. Putin is correct in that there is a shift in security and world power due to Western countries helping dismantle sovereign states then creating a vacuum which ends up back firing and creating even more powerful enemies such as ISIS. What we have now is an escalation of what were isolated wars with Russia trying to take advantage of the chaos and be part of establishing a new world order not simply run by Western interests. We are losing it, the commitment isn’t there and Russia is showing commitment so it stands to have a bigger say. Then we can all be proud of being a bunch of dissent hating homophobes. Russia isn’t the bad guy but they need to step up culturally and allow dissent. The world definitely needs more security and America has created a lot of insecurity and trouble with our own blind allegiance and bullying. America has also stripped back the power of dissent but you can make music and art about all types of topics without fear of being whipped in public. I am even starting to like Banksy and I always disliked his art as being super cliche and like something from a 90s art textbook. Obviously I respect his art and do like it personally but I always felt he was best when talking about Western hypocrisy like Guantanamo Bay or his latest creation Dismaland. Otherwise I felt he was just a negative pain in the neck but its people like him we need now more than ever. But he doesn’t offer any hope and that is the big trap, we hope that people have our best interests at heart but politicians and current world leaders don’t care about our needs and that is too obvious. Even Putin with his finger to the West is more interested in Russia and his own interests. Maybe that is the point, everyone is having a go and unfortunately America is not getting it right. The West wants more and the rest of the world wants more too, do we allow terrorists and criminal syndicates take over large amounts of territories? Probably not and that is what is happening and Russia is the only country showing some resolve mopping up the Wests mistakes but the price paid is huge. Millions displaced, countless innocent people slaughtered, borders closed, right wing fascists are making a come back and in the end we start to hate minorities and become what we hate. Obviously we want peace,  we all want peace but we really are at war and it is on our door step.



Getting Dad checked out

Have a lot of time for my Dad, but he can get himself into trouble due to lifestyle choices. Went up yesterday to try and get him to a doctor but he wouldn’t budge. Had a referral and such to make it easier to get him to a hospital at least and have his skin checked out. Today it has been about organising the mental health team to see him at the least. The jury is still out on what the issue is and it makes it a little more difficult without a specialist or doctor having a closer look at him. My Dad has delusions about about money so it effects him using water or cleaners as they cost money. It is a very tricky situation because he also dislikes Doctors so if he can get somewhere and use someone else’s water he doesn’t seem to mind but then he avoids the Doctor and they can help. So it isn’t water in particular he avoids, it just has to be free and Doctors are not a top priority for him. So I bought washing powder and some skin disinfectant but whether he uses them is another thing altogether.

It has caused me a lot of stress but I feel better that I have at least tried and put some wheels in motion. His case manager was off today but the message has been relayed and it will be up to the mental health unit to have a look at home as one doctor feels it maybe a communicable condition. My Dad has been briefed though and is aware of it. He recently had a skin infection and it seems to have possibly become worse or he has something else like body lice or scabies. As I said the jury is out until he gets a professional to access him and I have had to take precautions in case. I am stressed but I know I have done what I can and the mental health unit can visit and have a look at his skin. I  am also trying to get some more access to my property which Dad is a part owner so I can visit him more often in the new year possibly on weekends and holidays.


Really enjoyed the weekend, went to a great exhibition at a squat. I brought my daughter with me and she really enjoyed it. It was a safe site as it stands in the path of a future motorway so it is structurally sound. It was nice to talk to one of the artists Zoe who invited my daughter to exhibit. It is great to see how inclusive these events can be. I loved the art as it reminded me of graffiti and stencils I would see when I was a teenager. We almost couldn’t find the venue but got a clue from some anarchists. For me graffiti has always been about counter culture and I suppose that is why I lean more in that direction. Even when I do letter based graffiti it tends to be against the grain rather than polished or perfect. It is about an energy and understanding of questioning authority and being your own master. I read an essay recently by Žižek and he talked about needing a good master figure. His point was there are very few around as we are left to our own devices in a restricted monetary void of fake choices. For instance rather than the best outcome of universal healthcare there is the supposed freedom of choosing your own health fund which leads to enslavement to market forces and corporate agendas. Obviously he said it better and made more points to illustrate but you probably get the drift. In regard to Situationist ideas of being your own master and revolutionary catalyst where you don’t find yourself following a bad master figure. Some of these figures know what you want so ideally you need to know with even more resolve what you want.

The last time I worked in a squat was in 2012 and my work really responded to the space, but I can see my daughter putting some work in just to explore alternatives. In some ways I am interested in marginalised activities as my Dad is very alternative in his own way. He dumpster dives and is in marginal territory, he always brought me along to the places he frequented and with my own understanding I explored graffiti which has since become quite mainstream and acceptable. My own practice has remained peripheral and marginal even though I could have gone in various directions. With Zoe we talked about the practicality of unused spaces being used, basically there is enough unused space to house the homeless at least theoretically and probably practically. It did remind that once it was more acceptable but due to the housing market it is frowned upon. My main concern was any dangers though the particular space was empty as it lay in the path of a to be built highway and had no structural issues though in 2012 I worked in a space that did pose some danger due to structural damage and neglect. I didn’t bring my daughter there of course safety being a primary concern.

Also went to a friends property and painted a portrait of the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova which was great fun and paid homage to a great woman and my friends interest in space. Will be doing some more portraits of important women especially those involved in computer research as that is an area of interest for me and I found some great subjects.

Tragic day

It is a tragic day in regards to the events that have unfolded in Paris, I was reading “Total Recoil” by Žižek and came across a good point he made. The Terrorists he says have embraced Western values in so far as they see themselves as inferior and that is why they can not only destroy others but also themselves though he doesn’t explicitly state how the inferiority pertains. At the moment it seems obvious. They have no respect for anything even themselves.

Playing the hand of God

In terms of the post human world with the manufacturing of body parts and genetic profiling and genetic adjustments this to me is what really drives ISIL and the other fundamental nut cases. In a way the west itself is the biggest nutcase as it has a trajectory that is essentially post human and that is why ISIL will destroy historic artefacts as it wants to destroy the foundations of history itself with which the world is built on. ISIL is the embodiment of the danger we actually pose to ourselves but in the form of a thug that destabilises and destroys people, while ISIL itself is wanting for a world that no longer exists. It isn’t that the west is on the wrong path entirely and truly ISIL never really offers an alternative but a deadly fantasy that essentially goes nowhere. For all the reasons to counter western culture from imperialism, secularism or capitalism nothing can really stick even when you think of a technological economy based on the manufacture of human beings themselves. In a lot of ways the fact that all this craziness is going on enables us to be pacified by nice guy political leaders like Turnbull when basically the same incarceration of refugees goes on unabated regardless of a Tony free political landscape. The government needs to save itself from multiple threats that seem to be coming by boat or just walking down the street. If you put limits in place usually you won’t inspire fear especially when your playing the hand of God, and if you are going to play the hand of God you better get your smite game on! Anyway that is just one to look at it. First the sheep then the Shepard, Dolly the sheep was only the beginning.