Reach out

She drinks a bottle a night,
Twenty two and in the bottle by and by,
They can suffer together
In humanity
An empty sex, flesh like flesh
Sweat on the pillow.
Money rules what it rules
Home there is always good
In the bottle right at the end of the bottle
Why so many reasons to die when life so sweet?
Pass on life to life for life.
The bottle ends, life doesn’t
That’s just what life does.
Makes a bottle to end.



Thoughts but a memory,
Love something for dreams,
I get it right,
I see love in my dreams,
Reconciled there,
Frustrated, satisfied,
Beautiful things happen,
With you dear one,
Still there,
I love,
To be with you
To be in love


Looking at what is not there,
The forest fire burnt out a shell,
It remains blackened negative,
Where is the ash, the smoke the wind?
Where is the blinding flash of reason?
Looking at the wreckage
Remembering it is not real
Not as real as the invisible
As the clear cloudless sky.