Trying to say before

What I was trying to say before is that I can see the performative aspect of religion and culture in general through the reading of the book mentioned prior. The performance of ritual the performance of the mall etc. Hegel from what I understand brought together opposing elements into a unified whole the performance of history or a way of understanding it at any rate used by Marx in his writings to describe the performance of capital…take it away Shakespeare, “all the worlds a stage”.



Maybe starting to understand a little more from “society of the spectacle”, the Christian allusions initially lost me but can understand that the performative nature of religion has tendencies noticeable in the performance of capitalism in general. The spectacle itself as a performance of history and a becoming of this inevitable rise of capitalism which really isn’t as inevitable as supposed. History has supposedly lead to this. The illusion completes the bigger illusion from one spectacle to the next. In the middle of another book that also challenges different ideas of history coming from Hegel through the Christian cannon. Mmmmm? Better keep reading.

Social control

Remember when I was a teen hoodlum and lots of malls opened big malls. We worked out pretty quick we weren’t welcome with the heavy handed security. Not that I could blame them as we chose to participate by stealing goods. The malls though illustrate the choreographed nature of capitalist culture, the theatrical nature of it, the security were really there to keep the illusion going. Reminds me of banksy and mr brainwashes trip to Disney land the ultimate choreographed stage was upset by another voice a voice that was not allowed. That is the ultimate device theatrical living. Living within the confines of the capitalist dream.


Did a few throw backs the last few days as had to scan a few bits and pieces. Real eclectic mix, a bit of Zaps work is not scanned I have some real beauties will keep it under wraps don’t really like going through the archives it gets a bit boring. Practically killed my work with doze when I posted stuff up a million times. In the next few weeks will have some new work up.