The graffiti experience

You don’t so much see it as much as experience it, at least that is how I see graffiti. The place, the rush and the whole process of painting are what I normally remember from a wall. Not always mind you but a lot, especially old work I did. The experience of being at the wall was what really made the commission, that was the clincher. Just getting a photo isn’t always enough, you have to walk down the street and stand there in front of this building on the street with this graffiti on it. Graffiti changes the psychogeography of the space. I remember stepping onto a train in 1988 and the inside of the carriage was black, tags over tags I was completely immersed. I couldn’t find a spot to tag instead I just stood their amazed. I could have moved down the carriage but this was the place to be, in this experience, in this place surrounded on all sides in blackness. That is what we take away from all art, the experience but out in the street it can be heightened and unexpected especially uncontrolled. Remember that bit, uncontrolled.



I just have to say thanks for the commission to paint my latest mural, the support and trust made for a great experience for myself and the client. The finished product speaks for itself and even though the work is temporary the documentation and pleasure of seeing the finished product as well as the documentation is something you can keep forever. The client had the vision and made this possible, to surprise the one he loves with a portrait on the streets of Sydney. That is something special and unique, what a great experience. Great work.

Bush fires

It is terrible to hear about the bush fires in the Blue mountains, many homes lost and the fires are still raging. The scary part is it is still spring and summer isn’t that far away. I had a dream about it being a man made disaster, with global warming on the rise it kind of is. The conditions that caused it were hot, dry and high winds a bad combination. My prayers go out to everyone effected. A cool change has helped but it is far from over yet.