resolve it

I still feel as though I have one goal left for graffiti and that is to resolve some of my experimental work. Maybe it will never get resolved but I hope the next effort does just that so it can have a proper place in my work. The last few years I have just kept pushing unresolved ideas just to see where it goes but I can see is it is going no where. It needs to be resolved at least that is what I think at the moment from looking at certain work. I should have done it ages ago but really I have had too many other commitments and never really thought about it critically enough. We will see, I have the goal now. I want to resolve the process more and make it dynamic but more as a standard. Is it possible? I hope so, otherwise I am throwing the towel in. I don’t want to repeat myself in my work. After a few decades it is hard not to go back to a comfortable approach, to ideas that have been explored already. It is ok if you find a fresh approach but not if you get stuck.


process graffiti

I made a process for work in early 2000 to create work from a group of photos. I would use structural elements from the photos and layer them over each other then lay a graffiti outline over the whole lot. I would work from dark to light making tonal shifts and patterns from the corresponding layers. This encoded the work far more than just using a drawing, I could achieve unexpected results. I haven’t done one of these works since 2008. I haven’t had the time to put in that kind of effort for a while. This is the type of piece I will do when I have a chance soon to paint. It is an interesting process and usually it produces unexpected results, it is like a puzzle working out how the shapes will interact, it is a pattern produced from a process. Making tone and graphic shapes interact. I like not knowing what my piece will end up looking like. I hope to paint again soon. If I get desperate I will just head over to Malabar and paint it there but I hope I can get a wall that will last for a month at least.