Mental health services are quite complex, I read an article recently about some failures in regard to a mentally ill person murdering two family members. Number one they felt threatened for quite a long period of time as there were verbal threats. The individual in question was deemed not a threat. Incarceration was not seen as an option due to a respect of personal liberty. I cannot understand how the threats were not taken more seriously. I don’t believe incarceration is really the answer and I can sympathize with the family but really it looks as though the mentally ill individual was not properly treated and that is the real problem. The threats could have been treated as serious not to say they weren’t because obviously the sufferer was lacking proper care. In my mind it is the mental health services job to treat at all costs to eradicate the dangerous delusions. I hope the family also did their bit to make sure the individual was properly cared for it isn’t entirely the mental health services job to care and include the individual back into a functional role but it is imperative. Most families isolate the sick individual and in my opinion this allows them to stay sick and dangerous and to add the role of services that should take threats more seriously you have a bad recipe. When a sick individual is not properly treated they feel as though their delusions have substance and it can get dangerous. Please do everything to help the mentally ill to help them help themselves. People who are threatening actually need a lot of help not incarceration, but if it helps do it.

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