Latest reading

Have been reading a book about the history of philosophy and don’t really know why, it is interesting moving from the Scholastic medieval period where philosophy had a deep connection to theology and the classics. As we move into the modern period we tend to get more original thinking and individuality. I remember a lecture at Uni on art where we finally got to Durer and him as an individual was a focus. Not to say there were not individuals in the periods prior but it was more schools of thought and artistry or in the case of philosophy scholasticism. If you look at Descartes and later Kant they were building systems that moved away from classical thinking, I think it was Pascal who told how little he had actually read of the classics, he was a Christian who pushed scientific methods and was willing to discover and refute classical ideas toward applied sciences. In Pascals case he was a mathematician and inventor like Galileo but maybe a little more careful in broadcasting his ideas. What I found interesting was how a lot of work was published anonymously so it does seem strange that new ideas had to be cloaked in many cases the true author revealed after their death especially after what happened to some staunch researchers. In the 16th century with new lands discovered and the cultures becoming known many people were willing to question dominant ideas. Have to admit the book just seems to never end and really have to force myself to read it but just keeping at it because at least it gives me some vague ideas if I ever pick up a philosophy book in the future.


Current goings on

Well here goes another report of busyness, still working through the website which has been coming along slowly as design additions are sorted out. Have painted once a month in regard to graffiti. Was not really satisfied with my third work but just couldn’t find a satisfying solution but went back to something I did in 2008 to add the finishing touches. Kind of dislike repetition but borrowed from years back and I had been meaning to revisit it because it never caught on as a solution and may never catch on as people explore current conventions. Had a very social weekend spending a few hours with a friend going through his graffiti photos. It is really nice to see a collection that archives tags and throw ups as well as pieces. We went through six albums and a crate of loose photos I was really impressed with the range of work.

He had a match up of a train me and Zapgalaxy did in 1992 and it really caught our core focus of being quite different. When I first saw one half of the train I knew it was a part of a piece I had myself but my photo was quite dark. When I saw his photos I saw they were meant to be matched and put them together on my laptop and made a perfect stitch. It was a very well caught photo that gave the whole train a dimension and length that you would see when in the space. So quite archival, also he had a few pics of some fun stuff I had done in the mid nineties.

Practically every spare minute is spent on getting the site to look finished and still waiting on the core content which will help finish it. So this blog won’t be getting much attention really have spent days and hours working so far. My incremental payments are working out, had finished the core drawings for the site had them photographed and just need to add finishing touches and other content then build remotely which should be just about piecing the puzzle back together. Have had a good set up for working too primarily developing in Linux with WordPress on a local server which has been interesting to work with. Had to move some desktops that were for playing around with and pack them away to make way for an external monitor to see the site at different dimensions which really helped because you can never guess how the site will translate until you see it. Well that is my current report and can only imagine when the next lull will appear but until then adiós.