It is incredible to create things, I can’t imagine life without creating unique things. For me it isn’t about technical mastery but about seeing something unexpected,


Building baby building

Just have to thank everyone who has bought something as well as had a look at my work. Still feel I am being honest and trying to bring out my best. Definitely have something unique to give, I may not be the best graffiti writer commanding a small army of followers but I am being the best I can be at least trying my hardest. All the support counts, thanks.

Sofles limitless

Just saw the video, very impressive. It is a lot of fun and full of eye candy. You can see how popular graffiti is when you see the number of hits, over two million and the video is very well produced. It is like coca cola on acid, you are virtually swept off your feet into a world of graffiti. There were no diamonds though. Those little emotional moments of heartfelt sorrow, just candy more than you can eat. It isn’t fine dining, that’s what futura2000 is like, fine food glamour money art. It is burgers and fries for the eyes. I enjoyed it though, if I wanted to be the new brand of graffiti I would be envious. Money fame the spectacle, I guess I am out of touch with this rowdy crowd. Sofles is putting Australian graffiti on the map but some of us are just making up our own maps for our own amusement. Mapping territory, it is kind of like stuff that won’t impress the youth market but maybe the one handed typist. Maybe I need a beret? Or possibly a walking stick. Sofles is limitless, Sofles is the current leader of graffiti. Go hard or go home to bed, good night everyone.