Passed my PHP assessment

Passed TAFE PHP exam, it was covering the stuff we went over so it was just a matter of putting it all together. I have theory next week and I will have to go over it in a big way. Lastly I have a Javascript assessment which I am a bit behind on. I have to admit it came out of nowhere as we just got lumped with it last minute but I must remain positive and soldier on. It is good for me because I need to apply whatever skills I have so far and build on them. I really don’t do much more than what TAFE expects of me so I need to start projects to get and apply the skills. I prefer PHP it is quite straight forward and we did a lot of practice going over the same stuff bit by bit again and again. With Javascript we kind of did it last year just the basics and this year we kind of had it sneak up on us last minute. I suspect it is a ruse to get us to finally think about it and apply it. It may just work I hope.


The Face

Obscuring and hiding detail, recognition of what it might be, we know it is a face but just can’t make it out from the noise surrounding it. The possibilities of what it might be are greater than what is seen, an exercise for the imagination. Let your imagination see it. Just like words.

Direction at forty

I am getting more direction in my whole art practice and lifestyle, I have an approach with my art practice mainly sound based work which I feel is working for me and now graffiti is resolved. It has been frustrating with so many things leading nowhere over the years but it must just be that I am maturing, I have taken a long time to mature. It is great to have solid direction for the first time in years, when I was exploring other avenues I was happy at the time but it just ended abruptly especially lettering, I kind of didn’t know what to do so I did very little and just read books. I can’t ask for much more at the moment, I have things to explore and they suit me at this moment, it is good.

Sticking to portraiture

I can see problems I can solve in portraits, with lettering there is not much there I want to explore. No more pieces at all, it is time to move on and explore new territory. I am very excited and can see this being fruitful, I can’t waste time anymore on letters just can’t feel it anymore. Got to let it go

Aiming to paint in a few weeks

I am planning on painting in three weeks, more of the same portraits with shapes. The portrait scale is perfect for me at the moment, I don’t want to do large scale work but small and detailed. Takes around two hours on average and that is a long time for me to spend on work. I can spend longer, I seem to have a second wind at the moment. I am quite energetic, I have been eating less in general and losing some more weight it seems to be helping with my energy levels. I lost ten kilos a year and a half ago and have kept it off and recently moved into halving my food intake except for Sundays where I can eat full servings. I feel a lot better have lost a few kilos and have more energy. I am feeling great, lets hope it lasts for the next three weeks!!!

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It is kind of weird going to Darlinghurst now at forty years of age, I used to live there 20 years ago and kind of hung around a lot until early 2000. It has changed but hasn’t. Still full of young people which it always will be, ample supply of junkies scheming around for iPhones, it would have been walkmans twenty years ago. I would like to live there again but really I am too old. I have nothing in common with anyone, just some old guy painting a wall while hipster tunes play in the background. I like change. Long live Darlinghurst.