Group Exhibitions/Murals

2022-Exhibits drawing and painting in ‘Created in Blenheim House’ at Blenheim House Randwick

2021-Various Video work published on YouTube

2021-Various Street Murals in Newtown, Redfern and Malabar

2020-Various Street Murals in Newtown and Redfern

2020-Publishes ‘Recovery: A poetry compilation’ on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

2020-Participates in ‘SOS Wires’ exhibition at Airspace Projects for wildlife fund. Five paintings were exhibited and donated.

2019-Various Street Murals in Newtown and Redfern

2019-Participates in ‘Walk the Walls Festival Cronulla’ with aerosol mural

2019-Publishes ‘A Bad Performance’ on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

2019-Publishes ‘Ran Wicked’ and ‘Precision’ in paperback with Amazon.

2018-Various Street Murals in Newtown, Marrickville and Redfern

2018-Publishes ‘Ran Wicked’ and ‘Precision’ on Kindle

2018-Publishes ‘Precision’ on iBooks (since taken down from iBooks in 2020 and put on Amazon in 2019)

2018-Publishes short story on iBooks ‘Ran Wicked’ (since taken down from iBooks in 2020 and put on Amazon in 2019)

2018-Exhibits 13 paintings with ‘Suchis’ called ‘Finite Lines’ at The Sneaky Possum

2017-Publishes ‘Reading the World’ on iBooks.

2016-Various aerosol work in Redfern and Newtown (Flickr *doer aerosol)

2016-Draft of “Reading the world” (see PDF zines page)

2015-Various street murals in Newtown, Redfern and Darlinghurst

2015-Mural for “Foxtel Xmas Party”
2015-MCA Sydney, ZapGalaxy+Doer(aka Derek Carter)+Petchkovsky audiovisual performance part of “Other Energies” curated by Joyce Hinterding and David Haines

2014-Various Street Murals in Newtown, Redfern and Darlinghurst

2014-“Bartercard Show”@The Dispensary exhibits acrylic on canvas and paper
2014-Aerosol Mural Queenspark “Play Time Wolf”
2014-Publishes book “Walls and Trains” by Derek Carter on the iBook store
2014-Mural St Leonards interior on windows

2013-Various Street Murals in Redfern and Darlinghurst

2013-Mural in Redfern of client’s wife
2013-”Retro Specs”, M2 Gallery, exhibits acrylic on canvas, Micro-Computer with speaker and book.
2013-“Artifact”, Lawson Mechanics Hall, “discarded words” synthesised speech, Micro-Computer with speaker and found digital text.
2013-Mural JamGallery Bondi Junction
2013-Mural CrowsZone cafe Crows Nest

2012-“Off the Wall”, Sydney Fringe Festival, exterior projected digital images.
2012-”Situation Critical” Index gallery computer, video, aerosol, plastic, installation
2012-”Suspended in Time” Quirkability Parramatta exhibits gouache on paper

2011-reverse.bread(from)crumbs ATVP (at the vanishing point) exhibits aerosol mural and video work, gives artists talk
2011-EM{in}AT ESP gallery Marrickville exhibits digital images

2010-Exhibits video and digital photos at Chrissie Cotter gallery group show “poetic licence”
2010-Slides shown from “Street art in Sydney’s inner west” at Powerhouse Museum 24-25th July for Hip Hop & Street Art festival weekend.
2010-publishes “aerosol video” zine
2010-publishes various digital video work

2009-Six works published in the book “Street art in Sydney’s inner west” by Melinda Vassallo
2009-Exhibits paintings in a group show at Chrissie Cotter gallery “flight of fancy”
2009-publishes “aerosol architect” zine
2009-publishes “aerosol Atome” zine
2009-publishes “aerosol dreams” zine
2009-“Escape from Devron5” mural collaboration with Zap
2009-portrait of “Case2” mural collaboration with Zap

2008-publishes magazine “aerosol nature”
2008-published “retrace” DVD
2008-Mural “Mission to Mars” collaboration with Zap
2008-Mural “Laundry” collaboration with Atome Skils

2007-Mural May Lane
2007-Published “soldiers” DVD
2007-Published “Doer DVD” with new and previous video footage
2007-Paintings and Quotes published in Essay by Kerry Anne Bornefelt

2006-“All City Style” China Heights Gallery, book publication
2006-“Doer Doze Show” China Heights Gallery
2006-Street Murals in South Coogee

2005-Murals/interview published in “straight and narrow 3” magazine
2005-Murals published in 3D World magazine
2005-conceptualises/designs and paints mural for “Garden Elements”
2005-Street Murals at Malabar/La Perouse with Japes, MrEks, Bold

2004-Quoted in Essay by Ilse Scheepers
2004-Street Murals at Malabar with MrEks, Bold

2003-Group Show Gallery Wren
2003-Research and compilation of “Old School Sydney”, publication on the website
2003-Piecing at Balmain with Atome, Jcee, etc

2002-“Doer and Smeoo show” Darling Harbour
2002-Mural Workshop South Coogee, Randwick Council.

2001-“Cells” sound collaboration with Chris Bajic, Children’s Court Surry Hills
2001-Street Murals with Marrickville council in Newtown with Smeoo
2001: Mural Workshop, Coogee Playgroup.
2001: Mural, Glebe Youth Centre
2001: Mural, Leichhardt Council.

2001: Mural, Newtown Anglican Church.

2000-Publication on the internet of the essay “Walls and Trains”
2000-Street murals with Randwick council, Coogee play care, Maroubra housing commission
2000-Street Murals in Malabar
2000: Mural workshop, Cleveland Street High School.

1999-“UNSW Honours Exhibition”
1999-“Storage” Mary Cotter Gallery
1999-“Archival Purposes” First Draft Gallery
1999-Street Murals with Zap in Bondi Youth Centre
1999-SMH exhibition “Storage” in ‘what’s on guide’.
1999-supervised art class at Cleveland street art school

1998-Street Murals with Zap in Surry Hills
1998-“Aquarius Exhibition” Nimbin Gallery
1998-Started Doer Doze website

1997-Collaborated on “Fantasy” exhibition with Zap at Regent Street Gallery
1997-“UNSW Graduate Exhibition”
1997-“I Contact” Mary Cotter Gallery
1997-“Fresh Young Fat” Bondi Pavillion Gallery
1997-supervised art class at Randwick TAFE

1996-“Bondi Youth Art Award” Bondi Pavillion Gallery
1996-“Delusions of Grandeur” Arthaus Gallery, review in SMH

1995-Three murals in Rap Ta Night magazine.
1995-supervised art class at Randwick north high school
1995-“Do You See What I Hear” Arthaus Gallery
1995-Compilation of video footage Malabar

1994-Murals on coal trains

1993-“The Grass Is Greener” Arthaus Gallery
1993-Compilation of video footage Mascot

1992-“ArtExpress” Art Gallery of New South Wales, book publication and gives artist talk

1991-Graffiti murals on Sydney Trains, five magazine publications in hype magazine
1991-Group Street mural in CBD for Tony Spanos

1990-Street Murals at Waverly/Bondi

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