Sad to see the floods and fires

It is horrible to see the destruction being dealt to parts of the country, first bush
fires which are still going in Victoria and the flooding in Queensland and northern NSW. Heat waves then flash flooding all in a matter of weeks. Especially ince the last flooding wasn’t that long ago. People were far more prepared this time around but really hat doesn’t stop the heartbreak of losing your home.


Pi vs Via itx

Sounds like a great title to start a flame war, just noticed how the Arm processor is perfect for low powered environments and how well it works compared to my old faithful mini itx, so I can see now why nearly every smart phone is powered by Arm from using the Pi, it just handles better powered by next to nothing. Amazing.
I tried to use some of the same programs but they don’t work that well under the itx, they crash a lot but not on my Pi. Glad that Arm has been cleaned up in the linux kernel, joy.

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More Pi

Got the Pi going, but then found they put in pulseaudio which stuffed up audio so had to purge it and started using espeak which isn’t as nice as festival but still configurable. Looking good so far, still have a long way to go on it, may try multiple voices and scripts to create a babbling type noise not quite sure yet will have to play. I don’t like the default espeak voice and found other ones not much better but I can still work with it. Festival doesn’t really work that well at all on the Pi, I will give it another go tonight. I could easily use a Pi all the time for general use too, just a step down from my mini itx but works better with the right programs, I will probably use the same browser and the like on my itx from now on to get it up to speed.

Raspberry Pi hands on

The Pi is great, it is so easy to use and it took less than a minute to set up. Raspbian Wheezy is great because wifi is sorted. Squeeze was a bit annoying because it had no wifi and it took a bit to set up but Wheezy is a breeze. The Pi is very responsive and I got it onto my network without a hassle to share files. It is mind blowing. Get yourself one if you haven’t already. I will be getting more soon.