Competitive Sydney graffiti scene

Sydney is quite competitive, especially for legal walls. Zap just wants to take on everybody. The wall we did was pretty democratic, he will let stuff up he doesn’t particularly like which is rare. It is being open minded which is the opposite of what a lot of people are doing. Most people just have it all one way, what they like, and to top it off Zap gets criticized for being open minded. Weird I know. Once I left Uni I went straight back into graff and did a lot of good work,but within a short time you are forgotten for the next thing or fashion. So many of my Uni peers have gallery careers. That’s why you can be assured I won’t let this take over my life again. I was happy that I did what I did and it was out of genuine interest but don’t think I am going to sink another decade into graffiti. I want to do at least three great walls this year with portraits and abstract designs, just a bit of art in the midst of a sea of fashionable poses. It’s not all bad a lot of great painters out there but you feel like your going around in circles, which I am. I would have thought people would get the message, but it is quickly forgotten. Zap wants to show who is boss, I think it is better just to do some great art and pursue the galleries, they are even more competitive but the ideas flow there and you can have a career rather than just street cred which shifts like sand. Who the hell ever gets credibility out of legals anyway? They have to be great, the best you can do and they need to set a standard beyond fashion but out of skill and knowledge. It is always the next wall, the next thing, but for me as far I am concerned I am beyond that, I just want to explore, graffiti has been demoted. The push is fine but every wall I do is now going to be my last, so it better be great.

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