Reading a good book. Brought up how nature does not speak. How some philosophers have understood this in terms of a misery or sadness that can find expression through language. It is thought provoking in that we can speak on natures behalf and share in its sadness and futility of survival. It isn’t all a struggle though if we have a voice that can be heard and shared. Makes me want to add a voice to my video now. Will have to work on a dialogue.



Started editing video. It is pretty much an archive of a fairly bland space. Just need to make some sound for it. Went to use kino editor but it is no longer actively developed so went for openshot. It is pretty stable but good practice to save as you go because it can crash occassionally. I will miss kino as it had a lot of features but openshot is very easy to use and editing is smooth. It is perfect for what I am doing at the moment so that is good.

Painting, talking, listening and so forth

Spent the day with my friend going through comics, listening to 90s hip hop and shooting some video. Then went for a paint. We talked about mid 90s pieces primarily, the focus was to get those kind of surreal comic book styles up for a while. Looking at pushing the scale and complexity of new work in 2016 with a focus on carrying through b-grade techniques. Not the kind of 70s retro feel with stock caps but a style that progresses through late 80s and mid 90s can techniques. The kind of caps a little smaller than new york caps (soft caps) but not cut back too much like stuff today.

The piece we did today had a Bollywood feel to it, it was a combo of retro Japanese collectable comic cards and a retro Western comic. The one I did look like a turbaned sword wielding terrorist and Zap the monster of the “other” always ready to spoil the day of a self centred tax payer or person enviable of the luxuries afforded to the less fortunate who have became part of our obsession with having what could be potentially ours.

It was funny because we had a conversation about yuppies obsessions with Houso types getting free electricians and so forth, we laughed at how selfish and deluded they are. For one people who may be less fortunate cannot be blamed for getting some free services as they probably don’t know they even have them anyway. There are always people who cannot manage their own affairs so why demonise them and suspect they have it easy?

In fact they have it harder as they don’t know how to use services afforded to them and can sometimes have difficult lives. It is harder if you can’t manage and I believe you need help whereas yuppy types think they are bludgers. What a total load of crap. They are not having a better time than you just like people who pay people smugglers don’t have the means or ability to do things the “proper” way. They have to use what they have to get to a new country outside of the legitimate channels.

This in no way delegitimises their plight in fact they need more help than we are willing to give. We need to help people who can’t follow the usual channels as they are disadvantaged. People smugglers are there to take advantage of people less fortunate and give them an affordable solution to their problem as we won’t do it or make it easier for them. It is easier to blame the less fortunate when society has become all about being as selfish as possible as seen by our property market.

We have essentially created people smugglers because the legitimate channels are too restricted if they are not then why would anyone bother jumping on a leaky boat and risking their lives? Also if the housing commissions are full of lucky people who have it better than you because you pay your way why be envious?

2016 stuff to do

Pretty focused on the year ahead, there are a couple of things I really need to do. The first is print some of my collage works and hopefully wheat paste them. Don’t have a lot of that kind of work but there are at least twenty or so pieces made since 2000. I made sixteen in 2000, two in 2007 and around four in 2010. I have exhibited around four of these prints but the issue can be not having enough people see them which is why I want to paste them up. The collages are surreal and cinematic large format digital images. Will probably put them on paper possibly two in a series of five to ten depending. So this is my first goal, secondly I have an idea for a video which I may shoot with a low resolution video camera. The work is based on the game “Half Life” but doesn’t really follow a narrative. It will be more about the soundtrack and the aesthetic of a game, probably call it “Console”, “Half resolution”, “Mind game” not really sure just yet. Other than that want to do a few more graffiti pieces.

Other than creatively I need to renew my licence, get my provisional licence and have a decent holiday. The holiday is very important, other than going to the Mountains I have not had a holiday since Lauren was a baby.

Kind of personal graffiti

It is interesting as I have mostly felt comfortable using social media but lately feel like I am not getting into it as much. Considering that I do legal aerosol work and occassionally exhibit I probably don’t need to use it much anyway. I always love to see what people are doing and that is the best part of it really. Suppose I could consolidate a bit more. I always use my name trying to disassociate from graffiti but it has kind of backfired. The problem as I have mentioned in the past is that you can spread yourself too thin over lots of different platforms not really getting a strong image accross. Or at least a clear and concise image. It is messy. The other issue is time, social media is very much a time muncher. It isn’t a waste of time as you get to see current events without leaving your home. I think I would prefer to go to the event now I am less tied down with family life. Went to marrickville wall as invited by phibs through zap but there was a dance party set up right along the wall. I couldn’t do one platform though, maybe three and try and get my personal stuff a little more personal. The issue is my graffiti is kind of personal.

year is almost over

Well the year is almost over, I read my Chinese horoscope last year and it said 2015 was a building year, and somewhat transitional. I like to believe it was like that. It also said 2016 was the year I was building towards where I could be noted, maybe big noted. All this ego, this drive that has no driver, in a lot of ways I don’t care but inside I am still motivated and a little driven. Passions the erring of the moral good or so said Kant but that was a while back and now we follow our passions, at least I try to. I still want to see something edgy and probably unwanted right there on the street. A great big colourful middle finger stirring passion, I do make myself laugh and some people still laugh along with me. It is unsettling, my heart is a flame. aflame.

Well it is a bit of a new beginning, my youngest daughter has left primary school. She matured a little earlier than some of her peers and she wanted to blaze her own trail and style. I don’t know if she gets it from her mother a rather crazy artistic type who is a little dark and brooding or me the type of person who has to say the wrong thing at the right time. She is intelligent and a little bit sensitive, she is able to articulate her feelings and she has no qualms about leaving primary school. She didn’t dislike it at least but she found it hard when people would go on about her pink hair, green hair or dark lip stick if she is out. It does come with the territory.

It has been a pretty good year and it ended well for me but I couldn’t get out much painting in the last few months. I tend to accept these little set backs as opportunities to do other things so I worked on paper. Most of the year was well paced.

Lucid dialogue

Welcome to the revolution, it is within you. You are the potential, the granade, the flower, the dreamer. Non-binary neither x nor y. Neither him or her another, a neither, neither the potential for change but a change. The gateway, the fence, the divider, the divided but one another the other. See what you see there stare at the world through your own eyes. You are the revolution the potential the real. The division, the vision, the noise, the sound, the world through you. We tend toward disorder, this order we find from high levels of energy converted into other energies neither lost or created but potentiated.

We are bodies radiating heat energy under constant change being sent back into the revolution of thought of potential of disorder trying to find an out. Trying to bind ourselves to selves a vision a place where we can convert energies within ourselves our own division our own fences make up a body unified found and accepted for being for being divided a neither or nor an either or. Welcome to the place where you are processing, encoding divesting energies harnessing the power of the sun a solar body that enables the energy to be reinvested collapsing into the void that makes us mirrors of potential mirrors of energies that move throughout and find you where you find yourself reflected.

I am a reflection of what I seem to be, a collection of what is recognisable what can be processed a bunch of symbols potentials energies being processed processing investing digesting digressing finding a dialogue trying to encode the energies seemingly seeming beaming through thought lines fibres a world built for communication where the censors switch off hide the disorder ordering itself into cordoning creating a place to be neither x or y on or off but maybe both maybe neither constructed of real people looking at the world through their own eyes.