2016 stuff to do

Pretty focused on the year ahead, there are a couple of things I really need to do. The first is print some of my collage works and hopefully wheat paste them. Don’t have a lot of that kind of work but there are at least twenty or so pieces made since 2000. I made sixteen in 2000, two in 2007 and around four in 2010. I have exhibited around four of these prints but the issue can be not having enough people see them which is why I want to paste them up. The collages are surreal and cinematic large format digital images. Will probably put them on paper possibly two in a series of five to ten depending. So this is my first goal, secondly I have an idea for a video which I may shoot with a low resolution video camera. The work is based on the game “Half Life” but doesn’t really follow a narrative. It will be more about the soundtrack and the aesthetic of a game, probably call it “Console”, “Half resolution”, “Mind game” not really sure just yet. Other than that want to do a few more graffiti pieces.

Other than creatively I need to renew my licence, get my provisional licence and have a decent holiday. The holiday is very important, other than going to the Mountains I have not had a holiday since Lauren was a baby.

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