Painting, talking, listening and so forth

Spent the day with my friend going through comics, listening to 90s hip hop and shooting some video. Then went for a paint. We talked about mid 90s pieces primarily, the focus was to get those kind of surreal comic book styles up for a while. Looking at pushing the scale and complexity of new work in 2016 with a focus on carrying through b-grade techniques. Not the kind of 70s retro feel with stock caps but a style that progresses through late 80s and mid 90s can techniques. The kind of caps a little smaller than new york caps (soft caps) but not cut back too much like stuff today.

The piece we did today had a Bollywood feel to it, it was a combo of retro Japanese collectable comic cards and a retro Western comic. The one I did look like a turbaned sword wielding terrorist and Zap the monster of the “other” always ready to spoil the day of a self centred tax payer or person enviable of the luxuries afforded to the less fortunate who have became part of our obsession with having what could be potentially ours.

It was funny because we had a conversation about yuppies obsessions with Houso types getting free electricians and so forth, we laughed at how selfish and deluded they are. For one people who may be less fortunate cannot be blamed for getting some free services as they probably don’t know they even have them anyway. There are always people who cannot manage their own affairs so why demonise them and suspect they have it easy?

In fact they have it harder as they don’t know how to use services afforded to them and can sometimes have difficult lives. It is harder if you can’t manage and I believe you need help whereas yuppy types think they are bludgers. What a total load of crap. They are not having a better time than you just like people who pay people smugglers don’t have the means or ability to do things the “proper” way. They have to use what they have to get to a new country outside of the legitimate channels.

This in no way delegitimises their plight in fact they need more help than we are willing to give. We need to help people who can’t follow the usual channels as they are disadvantaged. People smugglers are there to take advantage of people less fortunate and give them an affordable solution to their problem as we won’t do it or make it easier for them. It is easier to blame the less fortunate when society has become all about being as selfish as possible as seen by our property market.

We have essentially created people smugglers because the legitimate channels are too restricted if they are not then why would anyone bother jumping on a leaky boat and risking their lives? Also if the housing commissions are full of lucky people who have it better than you because you pay your way why be envious?

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