Even though

Even though I have schizophrenia, I still try to be open to experimenting and let my work go through these bizarre stages. I have found poetry pushes me to think about words, it is hard to get what you want out of them I will keep trying even though.


Here and there

The yellow stained light shade
Decorated ceiling flowers
I arrived in a room
The stattering stitch of red
Black and scattered weave
Over boards scratched white

Dust in the corner
And paper torn like a flower
She lays like painted

The light softly
The night starts

What if the world in numbers
Counted out like the drum
As news blurts out of machines
And the noise fades as night descends
Today’s problems will be aired without consequence
And we hope to sleep

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Email to Zap

I was thinking about your last phone call and agree that there are pressures to go along with the larger group dynamic when doing graffiti ie being cleaner and all that stuff. If you don’t go along with it you can get isolated, in the early 90s I painted mainly on my own and that is why sometimes I paint clean stuff just to interact or else I would only have limited places to paint etc. Its a real bind because you want to do what you want but the group wants control as well. This is a symptom of group dynamics it is pretty common. The individual gets lost in that dynamic, in the 80s groups excepted individuals but it was excepted by the group so the basic dynamic has changed but it is still a group mentality. Anyway you don’t want to end up like me where nobody wants to include you or work with you. I don’t mind though but it is up to you how you deal with it.

I agree it is unfortunate for the scene here to be so limited but by doing your own work you actually push against it and there are rewards for that but one of them isn’t popularity.

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