The question is not what is the meaning or intention but what is it doing? is it creating? Is it industrious? Their is not a meaning but a potential. A potential to create, potential is never ending. There is potential outside of the universe outside of all existence. Outside of form as a form itself with potential to create anything within the parameters of what may be. When the time is right activity begins and form becomes apparent. The universe was once a potential universe.

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The formative years

Nme dropped a few pics over, the tip of the iceberg really, most of the formative pieces before the cold hearted days of PSK are still in the sock cupboard, the Bode scenes are what I am keen for and the ambitious stuff. We were influenced by the eighties Kings such as Unique, Seven, Tudor, Rexzy and many others. I bailed by 93 to be artistic but I remember those tough years when your trying to get to the big playing field and do your run. For me it was over by the time it really started and the damage was wrapped up by 98, the blogs will be where the pics end up, only a couple are going to any other sites, keep it in the family. The gold is in the albums, keep your eyes peeled it will take some time to get most of it. Even then there are a few gaps still to be filled as Nme reminded me, but I want to share what we get.

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