Straight lines

It is funny when you consider the depth and breadth of human creativity and some people are just worried about how straight a line is. Of course if the line is supposed to be straight and it isn’t then there is another problem altogether.


Anthony Lister

Heard some more intelligent criticisms of Lister but didn’t really buy into it. The accusation itself deemed Lister’s work as lacking intellectual depth. Basically that Lister is an actor promoting surfaces but not in those exact words. What the criticism misses is that Lister is a storyteller. It is as though you have opened a comic book and focused on a particular character in mid flight. That itself is the powerful component of Lister’s art practice. It is simply a glimpse at a narrative in the middle of the story. Everyone wants to know the ending but it keeps going along and Lister keeps giving you glimpses. Some of his best street art is a narrative and that is no small feat.

Art musing

Say ten years ago maybe longer I was willing to work in a greater capacity with a wider variety of artists and designers. Since having a family I really tried to be around and enjoy fatherhood and for example this month I had two interesting offers which would have been quite tricky to manage so I let them go. In a lot of ways this is a good opportunity to promote work I make which is small but elegant and has a great attention to detail. It is actually interesting to make as each piece is a delicate object. It is actually something that I believe is meditative and draws on a positive design ethos embedded in aerosol culture.

The core understanding of style and innovation is very much alive in these pieces. There is also something enjoyable about the animated look of the canvas pieces which owe a lot to television.

The inevitability of inevitability

When I see paid speaking forums with titles like “Is growing inequality inevitable” I get really annoyed. I know I haven’t heard the lecture but even if it concludes it isn’t and mountains of fairy dust rain down in the forum the title really sucks. The word ‘inevitable’ seems to be the catch phrase of the decade. Lets just debate the inevitability of rising inequality along with debates on guns or lets do torture just to spice it up or why not the inevitability of terrorism?

It is just plain brainless and lacks any real effort. Everyone is digging a hole to stick their head in. Nothing is inevitable it just takes sharp thinking and effort to find better ways to do things.

It is more the word itself that annoys me. Sounds like a cop out.

New work for sale

‘End point’ a4 work on paper $150 framed unframed print $50
‘Anti’ 12x12inch canvas SOLD prints available for $50
‘Off the grid’ 12x12inch canvas $200 prints starting at $50
‘War of Art’ a3 work on paper SOLD prints available for $50
‘Hi vis’ a4 work on paper $150 framed unframed print $50
‘Lyrical’ a4 work on paper $150 framed unframed print $50


I sold a work on paper to someone at my work who saw it on Facebook. I sold it at cost price as I would rather people appreciate my work than hang onto it. The works on paper have been very interesting. They are more illustrative and refined whereas the canvas work is more detailed and layered. The paper works are quite meticulous but due to the paper I am using I can’t layer as much as I can on canvas. I could use canvas paper but the finish isn’t as beautiful. Because I spray my backgrounds on canvas the finish ends up better than it would if I didn’t. That I think is the key differentiator for the canvas pieces. Normally an artist would need to build a finish at least in traditional painting as the finish is very important. A lot of amateur painters ignore finish whereas it is the key element as well as the content. It could also be because of my own exposure to painting work at uni. The best painters really took a lot of time to get the works finish correct. With my aerosol background being high build I don’t need to keep layering it. It really saves time.