Just talking to Zap

We had a chat about some of the more commercial street art and graff, personally I don’t really care how commercial or non commercial stuff is. My own opinion doesn’t go far anymore with the overall scene, I am too busy with my own stuff to care and it is what it is. There was some Red Bull wall that was a bit naf, I am like whatever I personally would have done it to get the money. The funny part is Red Bull is out of my league anyway. My overall opinion was that some people can and will do the work because it comes with the territory and as I said I don’t have anything against purely commercial work it beats flipping burgers. Zap doesn’t dig it, I respect that but the wall is done the people are paid, Red Bull gets some street cred and life goes on. I do get some commercial work and it is rewarding because it gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you get into the clients shoes. Sometimes art can be for a client and it has other rewards besides being true to your own vision. You can keep it separate which is how I like to work it. Lately most of my work has been eye candy rather than purely art, I don’t mind the reaction has been positive overall and for the first time I am comfortable with that. I feel that I am open to making my work popular than a specialist obscure art. I have a piece coming up in the next few weeks which will be a real graff piece with bboy characters and the like, I almost feel like I might not even bother and just do a brightly coloured portrait. We will just have to see what happens.

Jam Gallery, looking great

The proprietor of Jam gallery sent me a press release for his venue, talk about fantastic. This venue is amazing and is ready to roll. Some big gigs rolling in. My artwork was in there too so I am happy, the space takes on artists works too. Can’t wait to get there for the big opening in November.

Zap gets capped by train graffiti artists

Notorious but less talented scribblers just capped Zaps latest piece. Zap, a forty year old painter can’t be writing on trains because he has responsibilities and a life whereas the run about youngsters who have not a care in the world can scribble on graffiti posing as art. Well it isn’t even posing as art, it is art and very few graffiti artists want to make art thus the disrespect. A lot of them never get there and are entrenched in tough guy poses forever. They don’t know the first thing about art and don’t want to know. Maybe that is the reason people feel compelled to complain about tagging and wax lyrical about the other stuff, the it looks like art stuff so it must be ok. To be truthful some walls are bombing walls, walls that sport throw ups and tags and Zap has chosen one of those spots to do art. That won’t work but who’s not for trying? Graffiti is more about territory and once you start putting art on a scribblers territory look out! It would be nice if these guys could just stick to their trains and let the streets be about art but no, it doesn’t work that way. It all has to suck and look like a teenagers bedroom door. Well Zap will just have to fix it get photos and get the hell out of there because the local goons won’t have a bar of it.