Election Time

There is a lot of anxiety about the media and Tony Abbott. He does have the Liberal agenda supporting business and running the country like a thrift shop. As you can tell I have always been a Labor supporter, lately though the party has been its own worst enemy. Leadership spills and unnecessary banter. We can all imagine a swing away from Labor in this election which I believe is unfortunate. But really who knows what will happen. I support Labor as I have a low income job and make art. The state Liberal government cut funding for art at TAFE which is appalling because we need culture and business. The Howard years were socially problematic for a few reasons and I can see Abbott taking some of the same positions, or at least worry he will. Howard was a fear monger in my opinion and relentless. He pushed and pushed, as housing prices went through the roof rather than step in and create more affordable housing he let it run its course. Labor were not much better but are usually more progressive and socially responsible. I owe little to the Liberals, I got a twenty dollar tax break after they had been in for two terms, thanks a lot. Big business of course get the red carpet treatment. Rudd was dishing out cash which stimulated the economy, he apologised to the stolen generation. His own party stopped supporting him and booted him out. That was a bad move. Booting Gillard out was a bad move. The negative ad campaigns were a bad move. I still support Labor though even if they are a tad dysfunctional, the Howard years are not something that I want to revisit. Lets hope Labor win and stop shooting themselves in the foot. If the Liberal state government will cut art from TAFE you can only imagine what a Liberal federal government will do. I wish the Liberal state government were fixing problems, they just seem focused on a surplus, are the roads in Sydney any better? When the Liberal federal government were in power they just seemed focused on amassing more money and letting the social sphere fend for its self. Abbott and his stance on gay marriage is a sign of a character completely out of touch with the social sphere, maybe if the government can make a dollar out of it he might consider it. More surpluses and less social support, sounds like a Liberal kind of stance. My position is spend on the public good, it is our money your spending. Public good means that too, keep hospitals well staffed etc, I am not expecting $900 though it would be good.

2 thoughts on “Election Time

  1. With Abbott about to become Australia’s face and voice on the international stage, I feel totally embarrassed to be an Australian.

    His performance and presentation will be what all other nations judge us on for the next 3 years, and I’d bet, even the rusted-on believers will become uneasy, shuffle their feet and lower their heads to their chest.

    Regardless of who anyone votes for, there’s a damn good chance we’ll end up with a bunch of politicians in charge and, looking at the available talent, this is a major problem for Australia.

    Australians have 3 year now to find good honest decent people with leadership qualities, and encourage them to run for parliament. If enough good ones get involved they will swamp the entrenched crud which currently controls both major party’s.

    Maybe we need a coalition of independents, dunno !!

    Or maybe just a cold beer or two to drown the sorrows.




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