Looking forward

Looking forward to some graffiti portraits. Have made a few canvas works and can see some new ideas forming but nothing beats exploring with spray cans. The fades and transitions the scale and the colours too. Will do something in about two weeks, the weather is terrible at the moment in Sydney I also want to see some friends but the weekend seems to be when I hit the wall. Will have some time off next week a couple of days will spend time with Lauren. The rush of aerosol is great it is the speed that I like, it happens so fast.


Wanted you To come along

Remembering walking with Dad
To his friends
At the housing commission
He talked about the messages being sent from the Moon
His friend did
They were sending messages
That is what his friend said
What was reality anyway
These walls
These bricks
These people

We walked and walked
All the way to the Moon
All the way to Greg’s
The grass looked nice
Was this the Moon?
I have never been
Why did everything look so fragile?
Greg got worse
Dad got worse
They all come back in the end
To the Moon and beyond
I took the Moon in my hand
It came to me
I won’t let you go dear Moon
I won’t let you go.