May or maybe

I have heard some talk of fluoride on and off, a gentleman who looked like an ex-junky brought it up on the train with an elderly couple. Heard about immunisation as well, but back to fluoride and so I investigated it or rather just looked over some of the arguments against fluoride and found that there were two studies that were cited and usually filled out with the rather large filler of it is highly unscientific. All I can say is it beats me, but back to the first study done in China where there were IQ deficiencies when exposed to large amounts of fluoride. How can you measure IQ anyway but back to the incredible amounts of fluoride used, somewhere around 20 times more potent than in Australian water supplies. The supplies in Australia are meant to mimic what would be found in some water supplies naturally. So really it is highly probable that if you ingest a large amount of fluoride it could cause damage so why fear the levels in Australia which are relatively small in relation to the Chinese study? Does it come down to trust? The other study found thyroid issues were caused and was based in the UK but it didn’t prove any direct corelattion so it isn’t taken too seriously. So from these studies a whole wave of paranoia has surfaced. You can’t trust anyone with your IQ or thyroid these days and the amount of problems you “may” end up having from exposure where massive and the article seemed never ending though not citing any particular studies to clarify the issue. The words “may” and “maybe” where prevalent  and I could feel my IQ being drained by the sheer level of fluoride I “may” or “maybe” had ingested due to my ignorance of drinking water. I thought my own low IQ was just due to my own rather stupid nature but no it was the bloody idiots in the 50s who started putting fluoride in the water. Of course some countries don’t put fluoride in the water and there are still idiots in these countries with thyroid problems I am sure, and with plenty of other problems too. They are most likely swallowing too much toothpaste.

If I were to wave a magic wand and succumb to the bigger picture I would say that it isn’t just trust but responsibility. Some people want to be responsible for their own decisions but we also live in a larger context with others. So if you decide not to immunise your kids you can be responsible for this but aren’t you also responsible for the outbreak of whooping cough or other contagion thought wiped from industrialised nations? When there was an outbreak when my child was quite young due to the Eastern suburbs free wheeling types who wanted to be responsible for not immunising their children they must have wisened up after their kids coughed for three months straight or did they? Nearly everyone got it but of course if you were immunised it wasn’t as bad or life threatening and you shook it pretty quick but that is the kind of responsibility you don’t want. No latte froth can hide that kind of responsibility. Problems arise not due to fluoride or immunisation but due to life and ever changing sequences of DNA and there are issues in our environment but don’t take down one target if your not willing to  accept that we can’t be in control of everything. As a good friend of mine said people these days will freak out if they get the wrong kind of cheese on their salad, we want to control everything! Even our cheese!!!!!


Lots of trying

Finally finished a book I was reading on the history of philosophy, it was hard going and I really had to force myself to read it at times though by the time we reached modernity I could relate to some of the issues a little easier. I wouldn’t say I retained much or comprehended a lot of the differing systems but I definitely found some things quite helpful especially in understanding some core issues in the twentieth century and some more rhetorical styles of writing that were fashionable as well. It was going to be general and I felt that it has given me some general knowledge so if I go into some other writings I can kind know where I am a bit more. When I had catatonia I started reading quite a lot again because I couldn’t get around so much and I went back to some texts from uni days and even though the styles were full of jargon and skirting around meaning and sometimes the futility of meaning the core ideas ranged from differing systems (for example geological, biological) as opposed to an overall system, sexual difference and questioning the nuclear family as opposed to the many variations of what we call the real world. So questioning ideals and encouraging difference which was fashionable and mind opening but in regard to my interest in philosophy that kind of happened while I was in bed thinking about life. The idea of an all encompassing system of logic watertight in both language and mathematics were some of the giant projects generally described only to have another mathematician find a fatal flaw to leave the originator scrambling for solutions and plugging the holes, that is what we missed at uni where instead we got a few literary theorists talking dirty in the most difficult way imaginable. I guess it is obvious I was distracted the whole time trying to make stuff as well but the idea of so many systems that differ and have a point all of their own is a pretty cool thing to think about if you consider all the systems that living organisms prescribe to for enhancing chances of survival and to take advantage of the environment(s) : ) and of course artists finding ways of working with various materials new and old.

But my point was I set off on a journey of reading again and thinking again, just remembered that the reason I love graffiti is that it is fundamentally an expression directed by my whole body. Cut to scene of my uni supervisor talking about the little dance of your hands when making a drawing and then I see myself painting a wall, the dance of my body in relation to the wall. That is the energy. Something I love is movement and that is why I enjoy Tai Chi but that is about harvesting energy. It is true that some people rely on specific systems to create because that is enough for their expression they only need that one way. Some people may need a few ways. Some people say ‘no way’! Well to end after my haiku like moment I have had a shoulder injury and the other night I felt the need to do a Tai Chi move I hadn’t done in years. It was pretty urgent and I had to remember how to do it and when I figured it out and did it my shoulder felt better and I felt quite tranquil. So sometimes you have to be patient and listen. It was a long wait but worth it. I did a lot of trying too.

No mans land

There is nothing worse than opinions about technology, even educated ones. Have made some attempts occasionally usually just to highlight Linux use but it doesn’t really need a voice considering the primal screams from various camps. I try to follow some tech news but it gets boring after a while. I remember my first couple of times at a Linux user group and I could have died from boredom, it was like tech masturbation but in a group. That may sound sarcastic but if truth can be formed in words then that is what it is, truth. I got into some of the Linux group chats at the time and was trying to organise some community campaigns in Maroubra only to be scared off by a mentally deranged Linux user. At the time I was subcontracting murals and community projects and tried to see what could be organised for a community centre, it seemed only to illicit insults from one rather strange individual. Laughable project really no wonder I threw my hands in the air and gave up after being dragged through hot coals for not being a local of Maroubra by the locals. Technology I quickly learned was hell and only the damned went there, leave hell for Microsoft, Apple and Google. Not forgetting that Maroubra is purgatory if you are not a local. Technology dominates the news but so does terrorism and ISIS, they make great bedfellows.

Express yourself

It was a lot of fun painting the other day in Newtown, probably too much fun. We battled the rain and had a few close calls with the weather. What marked the day was perseverance, as usual I was trying to avoid painting to do freelance work instead and then eventually I realised I was getting bored looking at a computer screen and I had hit a roadblock that only some fun can fix. So I started off and got to Newtown after 1pm met Zapgalaxy bought a few cans and off we went. A real class act because we had some poor tools to start rolling the wall with and decided to be minimal in case the rain set in again and made a big mess. I just launched myself at the wall deciding to go a little bigger than my last work. We painted the way we love to which is in a disorganised delirium, the end result was good I did my best piece of the year by far going a little extra than my last piece on the wall. There was little fanfare, we are too old to have a posse of devout followers. All the while organised people were in Katoomba having a street art festival, I felt happy that we were following the less loved path because my love of raw graffiti had taken flight that day especially. Many times have I agonised over graffiti and my love hate relationship with it but that day gave me perspective. It wasn’t that I had given up but instead I accepted the ambiguity and constant misunderstandings as the core driver and that being misunderstood can be rewarding when a fully fledged burner is brought into the world. It doesn’t mean that much to many as graffiti is territorial and has a history in every city that you have to respect but there is something else that sets a piece apart and that is originality and raw power. People can’t ignore that even though they will try. I felt vindicated when a young punk looking skater went by and said “holy shit that is amazing” that is the kind of reaction that goes beyond graffiti, and I can look forward to one thousand or so Asian tourists having my piece as a backdrop, at least they dress for the occasion looking kind of preppy slash hip hop. Finally I feel like I have arrived and can accept what I do and where I am going, it isn’t about the scene it is about the energy and power of expression.

Constant updates

Was fiddling around with some basic geometry with python programming and was really taken by the patterns not just in the finished product but in the code. It was very basic stuff but I was finding it interesting and once again I thought about my favourite subject….patterns.Then there were memories of Sydney College of the Arts paintings, and students I have seen work of it was a little journey in my mind. Then I thought of precision, especially in regard to manufacturing. The precision and make up of the code produced clean sensible results not a mess of lines. It was great to see something precise and reproducible. The code was designed to produce stars and angles if manipulated produced different kinds of stars. I shouldn’t forget steps,  a loop was necessary to avoid too much typing and minimise code.

The current marketing genius of that big company Apple with those videos showing the precision and engineering of their products didn’t have one messy line to be seen. The creative tools though do show off the ability to create artistic stuff, it isn’t always messy. Back to the code, it was fascinating for me to see and I can understand that the primacy of respecting logical structures is pretty prevalent and cool. I wouldn’t want to get all Hegelian and claim that we are approaching a synthesis of precision, I just couldn’t do it because I love making texture and messy stuff but I keep making myself do some basic programming to see logical cool stuff. That is my new hobby, programming and maybe if I get good at it I can make a truly messy program that crashes all of the time and needs constant updates.