A million miles

Saw my Aunty Betty and Mum today, I catch up with them every few weeks. When I was around sixteen I was painting in my room, it was a pretty small room so Aunty Betty offered me some space under her house. This became my studio for a few years while at high school, a real blessing at the time. It got me away from my Mums alcoholic boyfriend and I loved art it was a pretty good set up. I was there nearly every night and I painted for hours on end, for my HSC I submitted 23 individual paintings all of various sizes I came in the top ten percent of the state and got my work hung in the AGNSW. All the while I was honing my graffiti craft on trains and walls. I produced a lot of work over the years and I was lucky to get opportunities to study and follow my interests. Even having a family didn’t slow me down or getting catatonic schizophrenia I have still kept producing a lot of work mainly aerosol art. I have in some ways slowed down in that I am not into giant work I am happy doing smaller walls mainly because I don’t want to feel like I am painting by numbers just covering and planning. The gallery circuit just doesn’t do it for me either but I am partial to showing work in galleries and had a decent run for a few years. The reason I don’t feel like doing galleries is my current ideas are not much different from the stuff I did the last few years but that isn’t really an issue I hate repetition. Also the gallery stuff I like is for a small audience and I have a bigger audience in aerosol, neither buys art so it isn’t really a burning issue to pursue. It was good of my Aunty to give me a leg up many people have and normally I was too proud to take up the offer. I remember when I left home for the first time I literally put all my belongings in a shopping trolley and walked my stuff from Randwick to Mascot feeling happy that I didn’t have to rely on anyone but myself and the trolley. When I moved to Darlinghurst I did the same trolley mission from Mascot I stopped this craziness eventually choosing taxis. When I was older and had kids I relied on friends and family but moved up to removalists, progress. Pride comes before a fall and fall I have flat on my face but people have thankfully put up with me and my difficulties and even though now I am aware of my shortcomings and problems I am thankful for family and friends even though I seem a million miles away.

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