Bridge burners

Graffiti is built on drama, lately I have been painting with new graffiti artists because I want to just hang with people with new ideas who are not overly saturated in graffiti or street art ideals. The thing to look out for is other painters walls, the owner of a building won’t realise that graffiti artists have been painting there wall for years and ask some other street artists to paint over it only to annoy the graffiti artists. That happened on a wall recently and it still hasn’t been resolved. Namely because it is a bummer to tell someone who had permission from the owner of a wall they can’t paint it as some other painters have claimed it. Permission doesn’t really matter especially in Newtown where a lot of walls have a history. It really bums me out because I dislike negative behaviour and feel that people should be given a chance to paint especially if they get the thumbs up from people who want their stuff on their wall.

On a more positive note I painted with Irvine and Joe42 which was great because I have wanted to paint with these guys for a while. The wall was pretty ballistic and it was refreshing to see their styles and ways of painting. They both work well together and zap even though he was a little apprehensive at first enjoyed the experience. It can be hard with zap because he has a lot of contacts in the graffiti and street art scene and knows that every person he paints with can lead to potential drama. He is a bit more cautious than me in that regard because he doesn’t want to get slurred for painting with people who may be labelled toys where as I don’t really care because I just love the art. Zap does too but when you have mates who treat graffiti like a religion you can’t speak to heathens!!! Well we took a risk and it will annoy some people but thrill others, that is pretty much all I can say.

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