It was great to see a few people last night and catch up and chat with old friends and new friends, really I don’t get out enough but can at least get out when I really need to. It got me thinking about my own work and current path, with aerosol that seems to be the main interest and yes I admit I have really gone back to mapping out a graffiti style that is a step back rather than forward. The ramifications are audience related especially with graffiti being mainly about illegal work and my own being primarily about style. Personally I feel comfortable in myself sticking to graffiti styles without really being involved with illegal graffiti. I see so much in graffiti that seems untapped in terms of style but the message is simply abstract and involves colour and form primarily.

My whole take on graffiti is simply a personal journey, it definitely isn’t a journey about success but about colour and energy. Admittedly it is a path that is a little crazy because the illegal writers no longer know who I am and the bigger named painters are too busy to care either so I am mapping my own personal journey through graffiti. I went from times when you got up and people knew your name to a time when you use social media. The core values of graffiti are still about getting up so I am kidding myself to think style is enough to get me over the line but my audience isn’t really graffiti artists mostly but I don’t really know who looks at my work in general. It is a small audience but I feel like I want to stay focused on style in graffiti. The bad part is you can’t get direct messages across in general but what I do is abstract and to me the message is to enjoy the colour and forms and not feel that you need some kind of Banksy like message thrown into every image. To me the primacy of messages in street art is kind of boring and has been over done. It would be good to get back to more abstract work and to make it happen you have to do it.

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