Best time ever!!!!!

Wow that was so much fun, I really enjoyed it, the MCA staff are amazing they were so helpful. As far as the ZapGalaxy+Petchkovsky+Doer team go this was a real ground breaker for us. Looking for more opportunities like this next time round. No wonder the MCA is so good they have an amazing team.


MCA ARTBAR curated by Haines and Hinterding

Tonight MCA artbar are hosting an event curated by Joyce Hinterding and David Haines called “Other Energies”. There will be many diverse performances including an audio visual performance by ZapGalaxy+Doer(aka Me)+Petchkovsky. We have a media cube and will be officially starting at 7.30pm but will improvise for the night starting at 7pm until late. It is a ticketed event and starts at 7pm. I hope you can make it! I am very excited to be a part of it. See you there.


The Soyuz capsule is readying for launch at the MCA Cosmodrome in Khazikstan friday night 7pm EST. Cosmonaut Petchkovsky is finalising flight plans while Romanian Captain ZapGalaxy tests essential equiptment. Astronaut Lieutenant Carter will conduct sonic tests. All are ready to enter Interstellar space only two days to liftoff.

in an unstructured light

Remembered all those long walks as a child and young adult. It was my father who got me started. He would walk everywhere so from Coogee to the city was a short stroll and as a young kid I found it fascinating because we went through Centennial Park, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross. The longest walk I have done was in my early twenties, I walked from Manly Vale to Coogee it is a pretty long walk. My partner was with me and we didn’t mind it at the time. I have walked from Killara to Milsons Point almost getting lost a few times. Walking isn’t so much on the agenda these days but I try to fit in when I can and I hope I can do some more epic walks again. It is better walking at night in most cases but it depends when of course. Walking is really good for sorting thoughts and having ideas.

A few years back I retraced some different walks I went on with my Dad and I had a video camera in tow. Thinking about it now it was a good project and I showed some of the works too. The first one I did was Hillsdale and the housing commission where I remembered Dad took me to visit his schizophrenic friend Greg. Imagine being with two grown schizophrenic men listening about the radio waves being sent back from the moon, Greg really knew his stuff. Dad never really got into that his thing seemed to be water and plumbing. I was kind of sceptical about these two but I listened and kept walking. My Dad was a polarising figure, he could become quite paranoid and I was with him while he threatened people on the street. As a kid I was highly embarrassed and kind of followed behind hoping he would stop and luckily he usually did stop.

So I made this video and it retraced some of the paths, its amazing how things seem so different from what you remember. Truth is all I remembered where small parts of the place. A fence and some grass maybe one building stayed in my mind. When I went back there was a lot more. I videoed South Coogee Commissions as Dad would bring me there. The video itself was pretty cringe worthy, it starts with a sort of overdubbed poetry and the main word is “lack” but it kind of helped me get a style going for other works so it was necessary to do and I think I would show it if it kind of fit into something. The other works were more subtle. I videoed places where I had been with Dad and just let the ambient sounds of traffic set the tone. The beauty of this was there was no story or suggestions that anything had ever happened there. This ambiguity though left some people wondering what the point was but I left the point out and let it be a place.

The last work in this series of videos was done at my Dad’s place in Katoomba and this was shown at a gallery in 2011. It is very surreal and walls are videoed with my Dad’s disembodied voice in the background. The thing about this is it is edited very subtly and there is no trickery in it but it is very difficult to comprehend and people looked perplexed after a view. That is the closest to a portrait I have made and is probably the most striking work as it explores what it is to know someone let alone know what is happening in a given moment when social norms are seen in an unstructured light.

Saving computers from obsolescence

My daughters Macmini was struggling with general duties after some OSX upgrades. My daughter couldn’t wait fifteen minutes for the desktop to load so it became a media centre for a spell but it was cactus. So i installed Ubuntu and saved it from becoming a doorstop. It is far better and actually works well. The trick is getting a ubuntu mac iso and just doing a default install which automatically leaves the apple firmware intact on the harddrive. So just pick recommended install options. Initially I thought I had bricked it because it didn’t seem to boot. But the boot process is a little different. Firstly it boots the firmware and makes the mac sound then after a white screen it seems to get going with grub but it isn’t the usual ubuntu looking boot. The happy part is it boots and is usuable again. It is a 2009 Macmini with 2gb of ram so it really struggled before. The other option is not upgrading OSX and I did do that for a while too and it was ok. But eventually you have to.