Looking for a quote

Have been reading a lot of articles the last few weeks. Sometimes I am lucky and get to read some real pearlers that someone has shared on social media. So seeing some great content made me think why aren’t I having a better look at whats what and rather than getting things by proxy actually getting it first hand. Mainly due to the fact that I am stuck in my habits (I keep dredging over business related material or technology) not that its terrible but I really liked the articles I was seeing from others as they seemed more community spirited and educational come personal views. Well its far from an emergency situation and every now and then you need to change your habits so I have started reading around a bit more.

Found an article I liked on value and the ability to assess value especially when selling your own art or crafts. It got me thinking because it is a very common problem amongst artists to either under value or over value their work. Basically it is harder than I thought because I know I have constantly under valued work and would usually sell in bulk and decrease the price to move more pieces. I rarely made back my cost price on some transactions but really wanted to see the pieces go. Once my Mothers neighbour at the time needed some art and he had seen some of my pieces. It was a good match because we both liked similar artists and as a student at the time there were some influences from those artists. It also got me the bond money I needed for a place at the time so that was even better. All my sales were private and even counting all the exhibitions I have put work in I have only sold one piece in a gallery. Private sales were basic pants droppers and looking at it even when I have made a profit the volumes couldn’t sustain a fasting Yogi in an Indian village.

Just recently I got a request for a quote and I quoted what the job was worth and scared the prospective client away. Maybe I was a used car salesman in another life and cheap and cheerful is the only way I can scrape together the occasional money for a happy meal under the golden arches. Ironically I am working on websites about business but I can say no more because I am sworn to secrecy. Really though I like to see pieces go at cheaper prices if I can not because I don’t value the works but because I really don’t like hanging on to pieces for too long. One mistake I made many moons ago was not donating some highly laborious and expensive to produce works to a community group. I actually regret that because they ended up gathering dust and having to be taken off stretchers and stored. I stopped studio painting quite a while ago and feel happier exploring other more ephemeral work but still do work on paper but have stopped as they tend to hang around. Basically my prices have gone up and people have run for the hills!

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