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The past was never far enough
They visited with lies
It was all they had
The drugs had sharpened the desperation
She shook
The locksmith needed fifty dollars
Locked out
I was supposed to pay

Visitors from the past
Pensioners were the prey
She shook
Her hair red
Her skin red marks
I was supposed to accept
The drugs were all she had
Her carer nervous
Caring for drugs

It all happened a long time ago
The drugs made money
The drugs cost money
I was supposed to be gentle
And understand
I was now the victim
Lied to for drugs I paid
I paid the money for a hit
I just a pensioner taken for a ride

The hit made her less desperate
For a moment it was ok
All the lies made good
Everything came together for a moment
A moment was all she had
Made good
She could have died
And died happy too.