Seriously great show Zapgalaxy and P.I.T.S @chinaheights

It was great to see the show by Zapgalaxy a very epic exhibition and P.I.T.S next door was great too. Seriously though this show is one of the best showings of Zapgalaxy paintings I have seen to date. His gamble with a loose style has really paid off in terms of carrying his work. His older work was great but these pieces embrace paint and its tactility in an honest way that makes a connection with his graffiti and street art roots. He doesn’t have to paint in his older clean style that may have made more sense in a fine art environment but can take some of the direct painterly decisions of graffiti into a fine art context. Of course his decision to follow his current path was difficult because he had a gallery and client base that idealised slick art and he had to move back to his roots which was where he was ten years prior at China Heights gallery. Really he has come full circle and he proved that he still can make great work and work that is even more exciting and ground breaking than his older work. The show runs till Sunday so if you haven’t seen it yet it is important that you do. It is rare to see shows this good and China Heights has proven that they still have their fingers on the pulse of the best art in Sydney.

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