May or maybe

I have heard some talk of fluoride on and off, a gentleman who looked like an ex-junky brought it up on the train with an elderly couple. Heard about immunisation as well, but back to fluoride and so I investigated it or rather just looked over some of the arguments against fluoride and found that there were two studies that were cited and usually filled out with the rather large filler of it is highly unscientific. All I can say is it beats me, but back to the first study done in China where there were IQ deficiencies when exposed to large amounts of fluoride. How can you measure IQ anyway but back to the incredible amounts of fluoride used, somewhere around 20 times more potent than in Australian water supplies. The supplies in Australia are meant to mimic what would be found in some water supplies naturally. So really it is highly probable that if you ingest a large amount of fluoride it could cause damage so why fear the levels in Australia which are relatively small in relation to the Chinese study? Does it come down to trust? The other study found thyroid issues were caused and was based in the UK but it didn’t prove any direct corelattion so it isn’t taken too seriously. So from these studies a whole wave of paranoia has surfaced. You can’t trust anyone with your IQ or thyroid these days and the amount of problems you “may” end up having from exposure where massive and the article seemed never ending though not citing any particular studies to clarify the issue. The words “may” and “maybe” where prevalent  and I could feel my IQ being drained by the sheer level of fluoride I “may” or “maybe” had ingested due to my ignorance of drinking water. I thought my own low IQ was just due to my own rather stupid nature but no it was the bloody idiots in the 50s who started putting fluoride in the water. Of course some countries don’t put fluoride in the water and there are still idiots in these countries with thyroid problems I am sure, and with plenty of other problems too. They are most likely swallowing too much toothpaste.

If I were to wave a magic wand and succumb to the bigger picture I would say that it isn’t just trust but responsibility. Some people want to be responsible for their own decisions but we also live in a larger context with others. So if you decide not to immunise your kids you can be responsible for this but aren’t you also responsible for the outbreak of whooping cough or other contagion thought wiped from industrialised nations? When there was an outbreak when my child was quite young due to the Eastern suburbs free wheeling types who wanted to be responsible for not immunising their children they must have wisened up after their kids coughed for three months straight or did they? Nearly everyone got it but of course if you were immunised it wasn’t as bad or life threatening and you shook it pretty quick but that is the kind of responsibility you don’t want. No latte froth can hide that kind of responsibility. Problems arise not due to fluoride or immunisation but due to life and ever changing sequences of DNA and there are issues in our environment but don’t take down one target if your not willing to  accept that we can’t be in control of everything. As a good friend of mine said people these days will freak out if they get the wrong kind of cheese on their salad, we want to control everything! Even our cheese!!!!!

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