Constant updates

Was fiddling around with some basic geometry with python programming and was really taken by the patterns not just in the finished product but in the code. It was very basic stuff but I was finding it interesting and once again I thought about my favourite subject….patterns.Then there were memories of Sydney College of the Arts paintings, and students I have seen work of it was a little journey in my mind. Then I thought of precision, especially in regard to manufacturing. The precision and make up of the code produced clean sensible results not a mess of lines. It was great to see something precise and reproducible. The code was designed to produce stars and angles if manipulated produced different kinds of stars. I shouldn’t forget steps,  a loop was necessary to avoid too much typing and minimise code.

The current marketing genius of that big company Apple with those videos showing the precision and engineering of their products didn’t have one messy line to be seen. The creative tools though do show off the ability to create artistic stuff, it isn’t always messy. Back to the code, it was fascinating for me to see and I can understand that the primacy of respecting logical structures is pretty prevalent and cool. I wouldn’t want to get all Hegelian and claim that we are approaching a synthesis of precision, I just couldn’t do it because I love making texture and messy stuff but I keep making myself do some basic programming to see logical cool stuff. That is my new hobby, programming and maybe if I get good at it I can make a truly messy program that crashes all of the time and needs constant updates.

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