No mans land

There is nothing worse than opinions about technology, even educated ones. Have made some attempts occasionally usually just to highlight Linux use but it doesn’t really need a voice considering the primal screams from various camps. I try to follow some tech news but it gets boring after a while. I remember my first couple of times at a Linux user group and I could have died from boredom, it was like tech masturbation but in a group. That may sound sarcastic but if truth can be formed in words then that is what it is, truth. I got into some of the Linux group chats at the time and was trying to organise some community campaigns in Maroubra only to be scared off by a mentally deranged Linux user. At the time I was subcontracting murals and community projects and tried to see what could be organised for a community centre, it seemed only to illicit insults from one rather strange individual. Laughable project really no wonder I threw my hands in the air and gave up after being dragged through hot coals for not being a local of Maroubra by the locals. Technology I quickly learned was hell and only the damned went there, leave hell for Microsoft, Apple and Google. Not forgetting that Maroubra is purgatory if you are not a local. Technology dominates the news but so does terrorism and ISIS, they make great bedfellows.

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