Express yourself

It was a lot of fun painting the other day in Newtown, probably too much fun. We battled the rain and had a few close calls with the weather. What marked the day was perseverance, as usual I was trying to avoid painting to do freelance work instead and then eventually I realised I was getting bored looking at a computer screen and I had hit a roadblock that only some fun can fix. So I started off and got to Newtown after 1pm met Zapgalaxy bought a few cans and off we went. A real class act because we had some poor tools to start rolling the wall with and decided to be minimal in case the rain set in again and made a big mess. I just launched myself at the wall deciding to go a little bigger than my last work. We painted the way we love to which is in a disorganised delirium, the end result was good I did my best piece of the year by far going a little extra than my last piece on the wall. There was little fanfare, we are too old to have a posse of devout followers. All the while organised people were in Katoomba having a street art festival, I felt happy that we were following the less loved path because my love of raw graffiti had taken flight that day especially. Many times have I agonised over graffiti and my love hate relationship with it but that day gave me perspective. It wasn’t that I had given up but instead I accepted the ambiguity and constant misunderstandings as the core driver and that being misunderstood can be rewarding when a fully fledged burner is brought into the world. It doesn’t mean that much to many as graffiti is territorial and has a history in every city that you have to respect but there is something else that sets a piece apart and that is originality and raw power. People can’t ignore that even though they will try. I felt vindicated when a young punk looking skater went by and said “holy shit that is amazing” that is the kind of reaction that goes beyond graffiti, and I can look forward to one thousand or so Asian tourists having my piece as a backdrop, at least they dress for the occasion looking kind of preppy slash hip hop. Finally I feel like I have arrived and can accept what I do and where I am going, it isn’t about the scene it is about the energy and power of expression.

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