Zap gets capped by train graffiti artists

Notorious but less talented scribblers just capped Zaps latest piece. Zap, a forty year old painter can’t be writing on trains because he has responsibilities and a life whereas the run about youngsters who have not a care in the world can scribble on graffiti posing as art. Well it isn’t even posing as art, it is art and very few graffiti artists want to make art thus the disrespect. A lot of them never get there and are entrenched in tough guy poses forever. They don’t know the first thing about art and don’t want to know. Maybe that is the reason people feel compelled to complain about tagging and wax lyrical about the other stuff, the it looks like art stuff so it must be ok. To be truthful some walls are bombing walls, walls that sport throw ups and tags and Zap has chosen one of those spots to do art. That won’t work but who’s not for trying? Graffiti is more about territory and once you start putting art on a scribblers territory look out! It would be nice if these guys could just stick to their trains and let the streets be about art but no, it doesn’t work that way. It all has to suck and look like a teenagers bedroom door. Well Zap will just have to fix it get photos and get the hell out of there because the local goons won’t have a bar of it.

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