Have found my canvas work satisfying me as much as aerosol art. The process is very similar to my graffiti work but on canvas the feel is very contained and concentrated. For the first time the canvas work is far more interesting for me. As I mentioned in a prior post I am more after finished work as opposed to more open ended approaches. My graffiti is still open ended, it only becomes an object as far as the documentation. My graffiti is very messy and I don’t really want it to become an object. For example if I were to exhibit my graffiti it would be large scale photographic details of the work. The piece of graffiti itself is already abstracted in the world. It becomes difficult to capture it because it is coded and part of the environment as well. A detail becomes more like an object captured in a composition. That is the built in unrecognisable nature of the graffiti piece. It seeks recognition but also denies its core aim through its form. Not all graffiti does this as some is quite easy to parse.

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