Kind of personal graffiti

It is interesting as I have mostly felt comfortable using social media but lately feel like I am not getting into it as much. Considering that I do legal aerosol work and occassionally exhibit I probably don’t need to use it much anyway. I always love to see what people are doing and that is the best part of it really. Suppose I could consolidate a bit more. I always use my name trying to disassociate from graffiti but it has kind of backfired. The problem as I have mentioned in the past is that you can spread yourself too thin over lots of different platforms not really getting a strong image accross. Or at least a clear and concise image. It is messy. The other issue is time, social media is very much a time muncher. It isn’t a waste of time as you get to see current events without leaving your home. I think I would prefer to go to the event now I am less tied down with family life. Went to marrickville wall as invited by phibs through zap but there was a dance party set up right along the wall. I couldn’t do one platform though, maybe three and try and get my personal stuff a little more personal. The issue is my graffiti is kind of personal.

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