year is almost over

Well the year is almost over, I read my Chinese horoscope last year and it said 2015 was a building year, and somewhat transitional. I like to believe it was like that. It also said 2016 was the year I was building towards where I could be noted, maybe big noted. All this ego, this drive that has no driver, in a lot of ways I don’t care but inside I am still motivated and a little driven. Passions the erring of the moral good or so said Kant but that was a while back and now we follow our passions, at least I try to. I still want to see something edgy and probably unwanted right there on the street. A great big colourful middle finger stirring passion, I do make myself laugh and some people still laugh along with me. It is unsettling, my heart is a flame. aflame.

Well it is a bit of a new beginning, my youngest daughter has left primary school. She matured a little earlier than some of her peers and she wanted to blaze her own trail and style. I don’t know if she gets it from her mother a rather crazy artistic type who is a little dark and brooding or me the type of person who has to say the wrong thing at the right time. She is intelligent and a little bit sensitive, she is able to articulate her feelings and she has no qualms about leaving primary school. She didn’t dislike it at least but she found it hard when people would go on about her pink hair, green hair or dark lip stick if she is out. It does come with the territory.

It has been a pretty good year and it ended well for me but I couldn’t get out much painting in the last few months. I tend to accept these little set backs as opportunities to do other things so I worked on paper. Most of the year was well paced.

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