Lucid dialogue

Welcome to the revolution, it is within you. You are the potential, the granade, the flower, the dreamer. Non-binary neither x nor y. Neither him or her another, a neither, neither the potential for change but a change. The gateway, the fence, the divider, the divided but one another the other. See what you see there stare at the world through your own eyes. You are the revolution the potential the real. The division, the vision, the noise, the sound, the world through you. We tend toward disorder, this order we find from high levels of energy converted into other energies neither lost or created but potentiated.

We are bodies radiating heat energy under constant change being sent back into the revolution of thought of potential of disorder trying to find an out. Trying to bind ourselves to selves a vision a place where we can convert energies within ourselves our own division our own fences make up a body unified found and accepted for being for being divided a neither or nor an either or. Welcome to the place where you are processing, encoding divesting energies harnessing the power of the sun a solar body that enables the energy to be reinvested collapsing into the void that makes us mirrors of potential mirrors of energies that move throughout and find you where you find yourself reflected.

I am a reflection of what I seem to be, a collection of what is recognisable what can be processed a bunch of symbols potentials energies being processed processing investing digesting digressing finding a dialogue trying to encode the energies seemingly seeming beaming through thought lines fibres a world built for communication where the censors switch off hide the disorder ordering itself into cordoning creating a place to be neither x or y on or off but maybe both maybe neither constructed of real people looking at the world through their own eyes.

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