ChinaHeights works on paper

Went to see the show at Chinaheights of works on paper. Mainly my interest was from my own current interest in working on paper. It was an eclectic group show which showed a lot of individualism mainly displaying humour or oddity. The power of work on paper is the ability to show thinking aloud, showing visual pushing and shoving. Swear I felt like I could recognise most of the old heads there but couldn’t remember exactly where from. The show really highlights the value of works on paper and the inherent core of most artists work. I felt that Lister’s works were the most fluid and Marty Baptist the most finished. Lister seemed like he just explored every centimetre of the work there was so much going on. Baptist just nailed the finishing touches and seemed straight to the point. Horfe showed a surreal comic universe he explores without being too finished and tight, really enjoyed that. All in all a great show and Chinaheights once again put on some real rampant individualism thats the core takeaway, the fundamentals of current art practices from a varied bunch of artists. Nice.

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