Doctor Who

It is amazing how influential Doctor Who has been on my art making, you really see it in Zaps work too. I watched the ‘sun makers’ with Tom Baker and it brought it all back to me. I spent years as a child watching the program and the acting and sets are just so great. It is amazing what can be achieved with cardboard and rubbish bags. The sound is extraordinary too that is really the key that carries the show along. I would say the sound can be seen in some of my sound art that is where it is obvious. Also Warriors in some of my pieces of sound. Zap you see it in his cardboard installations of space ships and consoles. The shapes in his pieces. Doctor Who with Tom Baker was the ultimate, really it scared the day lights out of me as a child, I loved it. I tend to move on so I doubt I will make a habit of watching it, my daughter loves the old series. Incredible show, I like the new version too. Some memories and influence, television was great, better than master chef anyday.

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