Passed my PHP assessment

Passed TAFE PHP exam, it was covering the stuff we went over so it was just a matter of putting it all together. I have theory next week and I will have to go over it in a big way. Lastly I have a Javascript assessment which I am a bit behind on. I have to admit it came out of nowhere as we just got lumped with it last minute but I must remain positive and soldier on. It is good for me because I need to apply whatever skills I have so far and build on them. I really don’t do much more than what TAFE expects of me so I need to start projects to get and apply the skills. I prefer PHP it is quite straight forward and we did a lot of practice going over the same stuff bit by bit again and again. With Javascript we kind of did it last year just the basics and this year we kind of had it sneak up on us last minute. I suspect it is a ruse to get us to finally think about it and apply it. It may just work I hope.

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