Being crazy, a time and a place

I usually let myself be crazy when I make art. It is my main release which is why I do it. Art isn’t meant to be crazy or anything it is quite serious, I just do it that way. It can look a bit crazy if you see it sometimes but usually there is a logic there. I just don’t allow myself to be crazy day to day. My blog though is another story. Society is so functional or at least pertains to be. When we all know it isn’t you just have to observe goings on and it becomes clear that we try and it doesn’t always work. I try to do a little bit of crazy rather than a whole lot. I have exhibited a bunch of videos on loop that made no sense just to see the look on people’s faces, bewildered maybe a bit over it, it is hard to be confronted with nothing. It is dangerously romantic to think art is crazy or to think mine is but it is a release to just let it go. It is an excuse maybe, one I am happy to use. I don’t mind being romantic. It is really a clinical issue.

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