Paint store, graffiti style

Went to 567 king paint store, got a heap of paint I am amazed at the amount of transparent cans on offer. I bought transparent white, transparent black and transparent umber. The other colours available were pink, blue, green, orange, and about four others. I see heaps of hi tech graff and they are definitely using these cans to get all of the transitions and depth. I am using mine for a portrait and I like to keep my lettering old school so I won’t need all those tech cans at the minute though I may have to do some old school styles with these later. What I want to see is a portrait just sporting all these colours and fades from transparent cans.

When I was painting in the early nineties I would use metallic car paint to get transparency, they were quite good for that. It was a bit low tech, unfortunately I don’t have photos of some of those works, I probably only did a handful of them, a guy I used to paint with used them more (shad) . I am so amazed at how you can get all of these options I am so keen to paint.

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