Playing the hand of God

In terms of the post human world with the manufacturing of body parts and genetic profiling and genetic adjustments this to me is what really drives ISIL and the other fundamental nut cases. In a way the west itself is the biggest nutcase as it has a trajectory that is essentially post human and that is why ISIL will destroy historic artefacts as it wants to destroy the foundations of history itself with which the world is built on. ISIL is the embodiment of the danger we actually pose to ourselves but in the form of a thug that destabilises and destroys people, while ISIL itself is wanting for a world that no longer exists. It isn’t that the west is on the wrong path entirely and truly ISIL never really offers an alternative but a deadly fantasy that essentially goes nowhere. For all the reasons to counter western culture from imperialism, secularism or capitalism nothing can really stick even when you think of a technological economy based on the manufacture of human beings themselves. In a lot of ways the fact that all this craziness is going on enables us to be pacified by nice guy political leaders like Turnbull when basically the same incarceration of refugees goes on unabated regardless of a Tony free political landscape. The government needs to save itself from multiple threats that seem to be coming by boat or just walking down the street. If you put limits in place usually you won’t inspire fear especially when your playing the hand of God, and if you are going to play the hand of God you better get your smite game on! Anyway that is just one to look at it. First the sheep then the Shepard, Dolly the sheep was only the beginning.

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