Getting Dad checked out

Have a lot of time for my Dad, but he can get himself into trouble due to lifestyle choices. Went up yesterday to try and get him to a doctor but he wouldn’t budge. Had a referral and such to make it easier to get him to a hospital at least and have his skin checked out. Today it has been about organising the mental health team to see him at the least. The jury is still out on what the issue is and it makes it a little more difficult without a specialist or doctor having a closer look at him. My Dad has delusions about about money so it effects him using water or cleaners as they cost money. It is a very tricky situation because he also dislikes Doctors so if he can get somewhere and use someone else’s water he doesn’t seem to mind but then he avoids the Doctor and they can help. So it isn’t water in particular he avoids, it just has to be free and Doctors are not a top priority for him. So I bought washing powder and some skin disinfectant but whether he uses them is another thing altogether.

It has caused me a lot of stress but I feel better that I have at least tried and put some wheels in motion. His case manager was off today but the message has been relayed and it will be up to the mental health unit to have a look at home as one doctor feels it maybe a communicable condition. My Dad has been briefed though and is aware of it. He recently had a skin infection and it seems to have possibly become worse or he has something else like body lice or scabies. As I said the jury is out until he gets a professional to access him and I have had to take precautions in case. I am stressed but I know I have done what I can and the mental health unit can visit and have a look at his skin. I  am also trying to get some more access to my property which Dad is a part owner so I can visit him more often in the new year possibly on weekends and holidays.

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