“he who breaks through the valley”

I am always suprised at what a fool I am but I keep trying anyway. I may not be on the winning team but that is the path I have chosen. Over the last few years I decided to go back to lettering with a vengeance because so much of it is just eye candy and has no edge to it. That isn’t a winning move also making art about mental illness isn’t anything new and thats probably the point. I say to some of my mates sometimes it is better to lose and leave something that has a bit of heart. Social media is a pack exercise at best and worst so keep your head up and stand up. Things inevitably change, it is just now they change around social technologies that can be to your advantage or not but remember it will change. The same thing that makes a youtube rant volatile is what makes other groups tick. You can spread a pack based idea around keywords. Take a photo of an 8 year old obese kid and spread a meme or maybe a mean. Not mean in the way of nasty but in the way of average. Average expectations, average goals, average understanding not in way of poor or substandard but in the way of mean as in nasty. Maybe that is the new average the new way to understand. Forget the individual and their flaws and strengths and go for the big picture. The big meme, safety in numbers. Thats how we all think, but maybe not. Supposedly we are reaching beyond the average reaching for the stars reaching for Mars trying to be crossfit fantastic but you can lose sight of those people like the 8 year old kid who was not aware that she didn’t fit the vision. We went from incarcerating the mad in the past maybe next it will be the overweight, wouldn’t surprise me. It is no surprise hate groups thrive on social media.

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