Just like this

Well I feel like I have found a zone, a head space where art can fill a lot of gaps in my life. Zapgalaxy did a spray canvas and I really got excited, it was like the most obvious kind of solution to filling a place inside that was a little neglected. With spray I tend to see ways to manipulate it, to really push it but with other media it is really difficult for me. The issue isn’t technical it is in my understanding, I want my work to explore. People say everything has been done before but with spray it is true too but not like this. Everything has been done ‘but not like THIS’. We have seen everything but not this. It is that thisness which isn’t necessarily unrecognisable as we have seen it before but it is history made present. Something has survived, a thread that is like ‘this’ but it is very different. Is that because it shouldn’t have made it through, it should have become mute locked out by the drudgery of life, by peoples suspicions of it. It is totally unacceptable but a breath of fresh air, it complains it doesn’t sit right, it doesn’t even belong, but there it is ‘just like this’.

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