Maybe behind the mask is the >MACHINE<

Have been reading and coming across text on hysteria and psychosis amongst other stuff these come up in the thread but it isn’t about hysteria or psychosis in general. It is interesting to read about, a few years ago I delved into reports and essays on mental illness which really opened my eyes to the changes in attitude toward recovery outcomes. Some people still seem to fit their mental picture on the old lower your outcomes models from years past. In some ways things never really change, when I deal with other people who could be described as suffering from mental illness as opposed to having a mental illness I can wonder if I am imagining there is somebody behind the mask. I seem to look out for something I am sure is there. Basically people can either be decent types and have a good heart even if they could potentially be psychotic and lose their decency, their understanding or connection to the big other.

We are all behind a mask and we assume there is more behind it, which is probably why gossip mags have such a great future as we want to get behind the social mask. The psychotic though has an anti social mask or so it seems, so what lies behind it? The hysteric questions “what do you want from me?” and I can relate to that having a mental illness the world can seem imposing that though is just a part of the disconnection which is as much physical as mental, the physical/mental entity loses real connections as well as symbolic ones. The machine breaks down but can I really call it a machine? It is just a description another connection, a loose one. In some ways psychotics are described as having survived their own deaths which I can relate to as well, the living dead but I wouldn’t prescribe to it because states can come and go as treated by drugs to minimise or eradicate the real disconnections. That is where the machine comes back into play, the schizophrenic sees a larger machine working its magic somewhere in the sky. Our minds are by proxy in that sky as we see it whether in our minds eye or eyes.

We can basically see the source of the problem even if it is imagined, the machine quite literally is punishing us, it has begun to work against us. So really the psychotic is quite correct, they can see the problem whereas all of the other people see the breakdown literally. All I can say is thank God for neuroscience otherwise we would all take the easy way out using isolation and segregation. If someone mad sees something you don’t see imagine the neuroscientist seeing things you can’t see and suddenly you realise that there is something behind the mask. Maybe behind the mask is the machine?

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